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Thank You, Justin

Monday, September 22, 2008

Double Trouble

Hey justin,
i have cheated on my girlfriend twice, i love her to death and was way past drunk both times i did it, but they were with both of her best friends. i know i shouldnt of put myself in that situation but it still happened and she wont forgive me but i will do anything to stay with her. what should i do? anyone please...
Taylor D. Canada

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What To Do

Hi Justin,
I dont know what to do. My boyfriend of two years is being really suspicious, and i think he might be cheating but i dont wanna be wrong and follow him or check his phone and look foolish if i am wrong. I mean i wanna know but dont wanna know. He seems really weird and not trusting towards me. Anyone what should i do. Comment please!
Cathy P. Maine

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1st Set Of Special Letters

I picked out some of the most interesting emails to put on here. Remember to always email me even if you have a problem because i might be able to help talk to you.

Hi Locke and Load,
I hate it when guys totally change in front of their friends and treat me and just in plain general girls like shit. This shouldn't happen and guys should stop being dicks.
Katie D. Texas

saw your blog and just figured i would get this out there. Girls! Guys hate when you are late and when you dont always pay attention to them, if you are looking at what other girls are wearing and how this guy looks please dont bother talking to me.
JJ Georgia

Hi, i was on a blind date the other day that a friend set up and the guy was ridiculous he is about 5'7 saying his is this big CEO and that he used to be a long drive contestant for golf.....you are 5'7 150 lbs. give me a break and he drove a honda civic, cmon if you lie please don't lie like this and let a girl like you for you.....not for someone you want to be.
Janet L. Michigan

Just thought i would mention this but my girlfriend of 11 months has this small patch of hair by her butt like lower back and it turns me off everytime and i don't want to tell her about it but its hard for me to be in the mood when i go to grab her butt or something and i feel it. What should i do? please anyone!

I have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years now and we have always had this great connection but he has put on around 30 pounds and i have noticed it but i dont want to say anything about it and its hard to have that sexual connection as i did before......he gets mad when his friends are over because they are skinnier and we joke around and he thinks im hitting on them! I love him but can't stand him pissed at me everytime he has company over. I love him.
Sandra R. New York

I love my girlfriend to death she is a blue eyed blonde hair woman and i love her to death but is a little bigger not alot and has trust issues and i am in college and she commutes and i have a little bit better body that is toned from sports but she thinks i am cheating on her for no reason. I love her to death and everytime she brings this up we fight so much and its almost to the point where i almost think if we were apart i would be happier, i love her and would never cheat, but her trust problems are bringing us down!
John C. Cali

Thank You, Everyone for the emails....Keep them coming

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aftershave and Mascara

Welcome Everyone this is the place to share anything you like, love, hate, or annoy you about the opposite sex, or even the same, get your thoughts out and be honest.